Program Information

Aftercare Housing

Saving Grace clients come to us with little to no options available to them for long-term housing. Once clients have completed our shelter care program with supervision from staff, they will often take a step towards independent living at one of our transitional properties. We have 8 transitional properties designed to house individuals who have started their journey toward independent living. Average stay length at these residences can vary based on circumstances, and there are even those who may not be permitted to live elsewhere and end up staying with us long-term.

Ultimately, the goal is that SGM provides a stepping stone toward independent living with these properties. While these proeprties are independent of our Shelter site, tranisitonal residents have the ability to utilize staff for their needs when necessary, and all are continually case managed through our partnership with the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance. The goal is for these clients to utilize the transitional residence for stability while they search for an independent living situation.

Affordable Housing

The property located at 2017 Bailey Ave., AKA "Loding House II", is an 8 unit affordable housing property. This property on the East side of Buffalo is open to any qualified individuals looking to rent. We also offer the units to SGM clients coming from transitional residency on a first come, first serve basis. This property falls under the Housing and Urban Development agency for oversight.

347 E Ferry- Patriot Heights Apartments and the Resource Council of WNY

Approximately 7 years ago, SGM led the effort to reopen the 347 East Ferry Community Center supported by the construction of the Patriot Heights Apartments. SGM also made a commitment to organize and support the 1st floor community space, which would be used as a community center that relies upon outreach and services for the community.

Through many years of use, the first floor space had gone into disarray. During the previous decade, agencies had attempted to engage the community and deliver services but realized that the site was in need of capital improvements and staffing that engaged and understood the community needs. As SGM assessed, prayed over, and engaged community, we focused on building renovations that provided 16 affordable Housing units with a rental preference to Veterans, as well as renovations of the 1st floor recreational area that allowed for the space to be reopened. Together with our strategic partners at The City of Buffalo and The Buffalo Sabres, we established the Resource Council of WNY to operate the center’s activities and program services to assist the community and support neighborhood wellness.

Our dream remained that the community center, operated by the Resource Council WNY and supported by SGM and partners, would be a vibrant, community-led space nurturing families, providing services, and enriching young lives while providing the community with hope and inspiration.

Covid challenged the center and suspended outreach/community activities for several years. In 2021, we conducted a robust search for the agency President and selected Catherine Roberts. Through 2021 and into 2022, Catherine and her team built program outreaches by engaging people of all ages and providing fun family activities, and also delivered a long-awaited learn-to-swim program. The Resource Council offers an afterschool program as well as many recreational programs throughout the year. They also hold a summer camp for local kids.

The Resource Council has expanded into one of the largest service providers in the 14208 ZIP code, serving thousands of individuals and families on an annual basis. SGM is honored to serve with the Resource Council of WNY.